Root Canal Therapy For Kids In Fort Worth, TX

If your child is suffering from a large crack in their tooth, a big cavity, severe oral pain, or a dental abscess, Dr. Warcup might recommend root canal therapy.

Young boy holding an easter basket given to him during a root canal appointment to help him feel better about his treatment. The idea of a root canal may make you feel nervous, but rest assured that your child's comfort is always our priority at Sycamore Smiles. Dr. Warcup can provide either laughing gas or IV sedation to help your child relax during root canal therapy.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures, reportedly performed well over 14 million times each year in the United States. This treatment is designed to help save your child's natural teeth.

During your child's root canal (also known as a pulpotomy), Dr. Warcup will remove the living tissue inside the damaged tooth, including the nerves, and excise any bacteria or decay. After this step is completed, Dr. Warcup will clean out the chamber of the tooth, treat it with a medicated material, and fill it.

Does My Child Need A Root Canal?

Dr. Warcup may recommend a root canal if your child is experiencing:

  • Swelling and tenderness of their gums
  • Severe tooth pain or sensitivity
  • An abscess (infection) on their gums
  • Sharp pain when they bite down or chew

These signs can indicate that decay has reached the pulp of your child's tooth, resulting in infection or an abscess inside the tooth or at the root.

Schedule Your Child's Dentist Appointment With Sycamore Smiles Today!

If your child is experiencing dental pain, schedule an appointment with Dr. Warcup as soon as possible. Dental abscesses, cracked teeth, and large cavities cannot heal themselves. It’s imperative to treat them immediately to help keep the rest of your child's mouth healthy and pain-free – and to protect them from potentially dangerous systemic infections.

Scheduling an appointment will allow us to answer all of your questions and determine if root canal therapy can help save the tooth that is causing your child pain! Call now to schedule!

We offer customized take-home teeth whitening kits to help your child and teen get the bright smile they want.

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