Sedation Dentistry For Children In Fort Worth, TX

At Sycamore Smiles, it is our priority to ensure your child receives the best dental care in a welcoming environment. While our dentists and staff are kind and gentle, some children will experience anxiety when faced with any dental visit. With our sedation dentistry option, we want to make their visit to our office as comfortable as possible!

Two young girls watching videos to help them relax before their dental visit that also uses sedation dentistry to help relieve them of any anxiety during treatment. Whether your child has special needs, dental phobia or simply has a hard time sitting in the dental chair and tolerating treatment, we offer several comfortable, safe sedation options to help them relax, and even enjoy, their visit to our office.

Laughing Gas

With each breath of laughing gas through a comfortable, flexible mask, your child will feel more relaxed, any muscle tension will visibly ease, and they’ll experience a warm, floating sensation. Parents love how it makes dental treatment seem to fly by more quickly, too!

Laughing gas not only puts a smile on your child’s face, but it’s also an ideal option for:

  • Completing complex or extensive procedures in a single visit, rather than several visits
  • Easing your child's anxiety during their dentist appointment
  • Special needs patients

The effects of inhaled laughing gas sedation are temporary, and will dissipate soon after your child's dental treatment is completed.

IV Sedation

IV sedation dentistry is a safe way to eliminate the fear and anxiety many patients feel during dental procedures. At Sycamore Smiles, we work closely with an excellent pediatric dental anesthesiologist to ensure your child has a pleasant experience during their dental treatment. IV sedation dentistry also allows Dr. Warcup to complete complex dental procedures in just one or two appointments!

Have Questions About Sedation Dentistry?

We want every visit to Sycamore Smiles to be a positive one for you and your child. If your child suffers from dental anxiety or needs special arrangements for their appointment, let us know and we’ll be happy to help! Call today to schedule your child's dentist appointment with sedation.

If your child is suffering from a crack in their tooth, a big cavity, severe pain, or a dental abscess, Dr. Warcup might recommend a gentle root canal.

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